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MysDiggi is an independent UK rapper, voice-over artist and host,

known for his eclectic versatility, wordplay genius and entertaining hosting presence.


from the β€˜Natural Born Spitta’, MysDiggi


Store: SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC, buy MysDiggi latest music and merch on Bandcamp


Exclusive limited edition T

OFFICIAL 'Tip Of Da Mysberg 3' LIMITED EDITION T-shirts in celebration of the 3rd release in the TODM series, also comes with a FREE download of TODM3. Available on Bandcamp.

New video from Tip of Da Mysberg Vol 3: Where Do I Begin? Prod. by K3ith Price


New video from Tip of Da Mysberg Vol 3: They Ain’t Ready Prod. by Logan


Listen: Skull Island Prod. by Twisted Roots. From Tip of Da Mysberg Vol. 3

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